The Bar at 15 Stamford


Toast the future: Plantation 1840 and more cocktails

A synergy of local ingredients, a history that stretches back in time to the Balestiers’ astute sugarcane plantation, and fine artistry have been finely tuned so that The Bar at 15 Stamford will welcome visitors from around the world with panache. Its signature creation and homage to history, Plantation 1840, is named after the year the Balestier Plantation put their rum on the market. The classic composition includes Black Tears Rum, sweet vermouth, pineapple juice, sugarcane juice syrup, lemon juice and fresh mint for a strong yet refreshing tall drink.

The bar menu is divided into Before Voyage, Explorer’s Favourites and Explorer’s Signature. Cocktail lovers will find a range of gins, piscos, vermouths, cachaca and of course rums that are expertly incorporated into both tall tropical coolers and spirit-forward libations.